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What I don't like about Witcher 3 so far
29.05.2017, 11:10
Yorum: #1
What I don't like about Witcher 3 so far
I'm only 4 hours in, and really doubting if i want to continue this game. The way W3 handles gameplay is not very appealing at first glance..I have picked up about 15 quests so far and the game tells me which i should take based on the level required. This takes away any adventure for me, as i will just fast travel through the world solely based on what number it is. Gear you pick up is levelcapped as well, and this is even more annoying. This could have redeemed the questcapping if i thought i'd picked up good enough gear to take on a difficult mission. But no, this identical looking axe is too difficult for geralt to handle right now.. Another curious thing i have noticed is when you talk to people about your quest, they give you a very detailed description on where to go in the dialogue. Why is it then dotted on the map afterwards? This again takes away from the sense of adventure.


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