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Hi this is my first post
29.03.2017, 14:34
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RE: Hi this is my first post
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29.03.2017, 19:36
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RE: Hi this is my first post
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29.03.2017, 20:53
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RE: Hi this is my first post
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30.03.2017, 00:16
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RE: Hi this is my first post
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30.03.2017, 03:03
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RE: Hi this is my first post
Heresy must give up.

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The voter rolls are said to fit into this because of "microtargeting". Using email, Facebook and Twitter, political advertising can be tailored very precisely: individual messaging for individual voters.
Image caption
Christopher Steele, the former MI6 agent who wrote the dossiers on Trump's team and Russia
Immediate impact: The Department of Homeland Security has a "small" amount of money available (about $100m) to use immediately, but that won't get them very far. Construction of the wall will cost billions of dollars - money that Congress will need to approve. Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said the Republican-led Congress will need to come up with $12-$15bn more, and the funding fight - and any construction - will come up against issues with harsh terrain, private land owners and opposition from both Democrats and some Republicans.
Vietnamese garment workersImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES

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30.03.2017, 04:53
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RE: Hi this is my first post
Давно искал эту информацию.
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30.03.2017, 05:13
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RE: Hi this is my first post
Mutinously acute pyrrhonism is being restraining.

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Reshuffling the national security team
Despite outrage from Democrats - President Obama's last National Security Adviser Susan Rice called it "stone cold crazy" - Mr Trump is unlikely to reverse the decision, as Mr Bannon has been one of his most trusted advisers since the early days of his campaign.
Another reflected growing frustration with the inquiry among some who served in the Obama administration: "We used to call them the Feebs. They would make the simple cases, but never see, let alone understand and go after, the bigger picture."
Suspends the refugee programme for 120 days
One order declares that the US will create "a contiguous, physical wall or other similarly secure, contiguous, and impassable physical barrier".

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30.03.2017, 07:30
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RE: Hi this is my first post
Quickstep has scudded.

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The investigation, then, is into a range of possibilities: at one end, unwitting co-operation with Russia by members of the Trump campaign; at the other conscious "co-ordination".
"Let me just tell you, the complexity of this case is unlike anything we've ever seen.
On Mr Trump's first full workday in the White House he issued a directive to federal agencies to halt any new government hiring.
Immediate impact: Takes effect immediately. In the meantime, some experts are worried China will seek to replace itself in the deal or add TPP nations to its own free trade negotiations, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), excluding the US.
Scott Pruitt, Mr Trump's pick to lead the EPA, will now begin the task of rewriting the rule, and a new draft is not expected for several years.

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30.03.2017, 09:48
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RE: Hi this is my first post
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Stop to let that thought reverberate for a moment.
The executive order titled "protecting the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the United States" was signed out of the view of the White House press corps on 6 March.
Anti-abortion activists expected Mr Trump to act quickly on this - and he didn't disappoint them.
Environmental groups warn that undoing those regulations will have serious consequences at home and abroad.
Probably his most controversial action, so far, taken to keep the country safe from terrorists, the president said.

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30.03.2017, 11:29
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RE: Hi this is my first post
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